South Dilli’s Diwali |Delhi, India|

Dear I,

I’m myopic. Not figuratively, but literally. The sad news is that I broke my only pair of glasses. And that’s why I’m writing in font size – 32. It will take a couple days for my new pair of glasses to arrive. I’m having a lot of difficulty putting on contact lenses. So I’ve given up on them. Doesn’t seem like my cup of tea! In fact, I’m enjoying being this visually impaired and that too when India celebrates its most loved festival, Diwali. Delhi is teeming with ‘Chinese’ bulbs. And without having to see through my glasses what I see is a creative blur – everywhere!

In her Diwali message, British Prime Minister Theresa May says that the festival is not relevant only to Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists. It’s relevant to those of all faiths and none, she says. Hey, I, is May any good? She is coming to India in less than a week’s time to discuss post-Brexit trade. If your prime minister is smart, she will cut a deal with the New Delhi for import of low-cost air purifiers. We will soon be manufacturing a lot of these as the air quality in our megacities is degrading by the day.


Love, P. #kindredsouls

That was what I was supposed to post on October 30, 2016. My friend, I and me are avid Instagrammers. While punching away at my keyboard, I’d like to think she is sipping masala chai in London. She (I) and me (P) have done many class assignments together before graduating in 2012. Forty-one weeks ago, we started our Instagram handle – We have managed to put up 244 pictures from our backyards in Europe and India since then. Our idea is to share journeys. With I’s new-found love for photography, I’m hopeful that we will be able to post four pictures each week in 2017.